Four Life Changes To Avoid During A Divorce

Posted on: 6 June 2016

If you are going through a divorce, this can be both an emotional and freeing time. Many times, divorce can bring on a new outlook on life and individuals might be inclined to make other drastic lifestyle changes at the same time. Here are four life changes individuals going through divorce should try to avoid until the dust settles.

1. Settling Down With a New Love Interest

If your relationship with your spouse has crumbled, it might seem logical to seek out the companionship of a new love interest. Sometimes a new love interest can work out well, but if you aren't emotionally ready to handle a new relationship, you might just be distracting yourself. It is a good idea to be fully present in divorce proceedings until this process is complete. Don't bring a new significant other to your divorce proceedings or post your new activities on social media. It might look as if you aren't taking your divorce seriously.

2. Moving Far Away

You might feel like you need a fresh start, but until your divorce is finalized, it is a good idea to stay near. Your attorney can handle a bulk of your divorce documentation, but there might be meetings or court dates that come along unexpectedly. Staying nearby can be strategic to make sure settlement meetings and decisions only occur while you are in attendance, especially if your divorce isn't particularly amicable.

3. Big Financial Decisions

If your divorce isn't finalized yet, this isn't the time for moving money around or making major purchases. This might be red flag to your ex-spouse's divorce attorney, as it can look as if you are hiding assets or might have more in the bank than you let on. Wait until the all decisions around your divorce are set in stone to go on a big trip, buy a new home, or invest in new stocks.

4. Making Decisions for Your Kids Without Your Ex-Spouse

If you feel as if you are doing the bulk of the parenting while custody arrangements are being worked out, you might feel as if you have more parental authority. This doesn't mean you can make decisions for your kids without letting your ex-spouse know. This includes changing schools, after-school programs, and making plans for trips. None of these things are necessarily a bad thing during a divorce, but could be looked at as a custody play if not discussed.

Divorce can be a tough time, and this can cloud even the most thoughtful person's judgement. The important thing to remember is that once your divorce is complete, you can move on with your life, including major decisions. If you are thinking about a life change, run this by your divorce lawyer like one from Backus Law Group first as there might be further implications that you didn't think about.