• The Importance Of Retaining A Skillful Nursing License Defense Lawyer

    After working diligently for several years to gain your license to work in nursing, you want to protect it at all costs. You do not want to lose it to an unfair and false malpractice accusation. However, when a patient makes this kind of accusation against you, you could risk losing your license and not being able to work in nursing any longer. You may protect this credential and safeguard your career by hiring an experienced nursing license defense lawyer to represent you. [Read More]

  • Victim Of Identity Theft? How An Attorney Can Help You Get Your Life Back

    If you're the victim of identity theft, you might think you can handle the cleanup on your own. That's not the case though. Recovering from identity theft can be a difficult process. Unfortunately, the damage doesn't stop as soon as you discover the problem. In fact, identity theft can continue causing problems for quite some time. That's why you need legal assistance. If you're trying to recover from identity theft, read the list provided below. [Read More]

  • Why It's Important To Have A Family Law Attorney Represent You When Seeking Custody

    Are you getting into a custody case over your little one with their other parent? Some parents choose to represent themselves in court and go through this process without an attorney. This is possible, and it works out alight for some families. However, it is not usually the wisest approach. If possible, you are better off hiring a family law attorney to represent you as you seek custody. Here's why.  [Read More]

  • 3 Critical Measures You Need To Take To Get Favorable Results In A Child Custody Court

    When you and your partner decide to dissolve your marriage, there are several essential agreements you have to make before finalizing your divorce. One of them is how you will co-parent when you start living separately. However, it might not be easy to agree on a parenting plan if neither of you is willing to spend less time with the kids. In this case, you can seek the court's guidance on the right arrangement that will work best for your kids. [Read More]

  • An Overview of 5 Major Issues in a Divorce Decree

    The court will give you a divorce decree after you finalize your divorce. The divorce decree is a formal order that signals your divorce proceeding's end and contains the details of the judgment. Below are the major issues your divorce decree may address. 1. Division of Property The divorce decree specifies how you are to divide your marital property. States primarily use community property or equitable property laws to divide marital property. [Read More]

  • 3 Things That Make Criminal Defense Lawyers Qualified To Defend You

    Being arrested for committing an offense can be overwhelming. The consequences that come with such charges are often serious and can scare even the bravest. Your stress could even be worse if you're charged with a capital crime like murder. Thankfully, criminal defense lawyers can get you off the hook or minimize your offenses. It doesn't matter if you're innocent, falsely accused, or guilty, they'll create a strong case that will ensure you get the best outcome. [Read More]

  • When To Hire An Attorney When Dealing With A Disability Insurance Claim

    If you're worried about getting disabled because of your line of work and thus not being able to earn money, one form of protection you can get is disability insurance. However, the claims process associated with this insurance can present a couple of legal issues. If you're facing any of these, hire an attorney quickly. Claim Taking Longer Than Expected to be Processed  Even though the length of time for disability insurance claims to go through can vary, there are still some standards that should be met. [Read More]

  • Does My Car Have To Be In Motion To Be Charged With A DUI?

    If you are sitting in a parked car and have had a few drinks, you might assume that a police officer will not have probable cause to conduct an investigation into whether you have been drinking. However, this is not necessarily the case. The officer might still approach your car and begin a DUI investigation. Probable Cause In most states, a police officer can have probable cause if they have reason to believe you were drinking and driving. [Read More]

  • Reasons to Hire a Workers' Comp Attorney

    Has your employer denied the occurrence of a work-related injury? Is the insurance company dragging its feet in processing workers' comp benefits? Perhaps you want to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. A workers' comp attorney can help you navigate such issues. If you are debating on whether you need a workers' compensation lawyer, consider the following reasons.  Determine Eligibility and Meet Legal Requirements Applying and receiving workers' compensation benefits is not a straightforward process. [Read More]