Why It's Important To Have A Family Law Attorney Represent You When Seeking Custody

Posted on: 4 October 2022

Are you getting into a custody case over your little one with their other parent? Some parents choose to represent themselves in court and go through this process without an attorney. This is possible, and it works out alight for some families. However, it is not usually the wisest approach. If possible, you are better off hiring a family law attorney to represent you as you seek custody. Here's why. 

Your former partner may not be being honest about their desires.

You might hope or even fully believe that you can trust your former partner when they say they want to share custody, or when they say they'll let you have your child on certain dates. However, people do lie or mislead their exes pretty often. When your ex-partner actually gets into court, they may tell the judge something different than what they've told you. If you don't have an attorney there to argue your side, you may be blindsided and end up with a court ruling that's not what you desired or deserve. With an attorney on your side, you'll be prepared if your former partner changes their tune and becomes less agreeable in court.

You may have more rights than you assume.

Custody rights and laws are confusing. They vary widely from state to state. They may also be different depending on whether you were married to your partner when you had a child together. Navigating all of this is difficult. If you're not a legal professional, it is very easy to be misinformed or overlook some of your custody rights. A family law attorney will be well versed in the custody laws of your particular state and will make sure you are treated in accordance with those rights.

You may need representation in the future.

In the future, you might want to change your custody agreement. Your partner may not be as open or agreeable to this, which can make changes difficult. If you have an attorney represent you from the beginning of the custody case, they'll know the ins and outs of your situation. Then, when you want to change your custody agreement in the future, you'll have someone on your side to help.

If you are or will be fighting for custody of your child, be sure to hire a family law attorney. This is their area of expertise, and they can truly help. Reach out to a law practice such as Lake Norman Law to find out more.