The Importance Of Retaining A Skillful Nursing License Defense Lawyer

Posted on: 30 November 2022

After working diligently for several years to gain your license to work in nursing, you want to protect it at all costs. You do not want to lose it to an unfair and false malpractice accusation.

However, when a patient makes this kind of accusation against you, you could risk losing your license and not being able to work in nursing any longer. You may protect this credential and safeguard your career by hiring an experienced nursing license defense lawyer to represent you.

Proving Your Innocence

Patients can make up random accusations against you on a whim. You never know if or when someone you treat might accuse you of malpractice and put your career at risk. 

When you have an experienced nursing defense lawyer on retainer, however, you may be able to prove your innocence. Your attorney can provide records of the patient's medical treatment and what methods you used to take care of this person. Your attorney can also show surveillance footage of the person's care in the medical facility or get eyewitness accounts of what happened. All of this evidence can be sufficient in proving you are innocent of the charges.

Proving Malice

Your nursing license defense lawyer may also be able to prove the accuser is acting maliciously toward you. Your attorney can interview people who know the accuser and find out if this person is out to make money at the sake of your reputation and career. He or she can also uncover texts, emails and other communications that might implicate the accuser and show this person is making fraudulent claims against you.

Keeping Your License

Finally, your nursing license defense lawyer can work to ensure you keep your license to work in nursing. Your attorney can argue your case before the nursing board, as well as in court. He or she can explain to the nursing board, judge or jury why you are not guilty of the charges and do not deserve to have your license suspended or revoked. You may be able to keep your license and avoid having to forsake your entire career.

A nursing license defense lawyer can work on your behalf when you face malpractice accusations. Your attorney can work to show you are innocent of the charges against you. This legal representative can also uncover proof to show the accuser is acting maliciously and help safeguard your license to keep working.