Reasons to Hire a Workers' Comp Attorney

Posted on: 7 January 2022

Has your employer denied the occurrence of a work-related injury? Is the insurance company dragging its feet in processing workers' comp benefits? Perhaps you want to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. A workers' comp attorney can help you navigate such issues. If you are debating on whether you need a workers' compensation lawyer, consider the following reasons. 

Determine Eligibility and Meet Legal Requirements

Applying and receiving workers' compensation benefits is not a straightforward process. When making a worker's comp claim, the first hurdle is understanding whether you are eligible. Therefore, consulting a workers' compensation lawyer makes sense. The attorney will scrutinize the circumstances surrounding your injuries and illness in relation to the worker's compensation regulations. This way, you will be sure that filing a claim is in your best interest. Besides, the attorney will ensure that you meet the legal requirement for filing a claim. For instance, the lawyer helps you prove your injury is work-related, ensures you notify your supervisor in time, and see an approved doctor. Failure to meet such conditions may limit your ability to collect the benefits.  

Seek Appropriate and Adequate Benefits

There are two major mistakes that most employees make while filing for workers' comp insurance benefits. Primarily, the workers may fail to seek the right benefits. When one files for claims, it is essential to be clear about the benefits one deserves and qualify to receive. For example, are you seeking medical, disability, vocational, or death benefits? A workers' compensation lawyer ensures that you know the appropriate benefits and actively pursue the same. In addition, the lawyer lets you know how much you are entitled to receive. For instance, you may claim medical benefits and leave out lost wages and rehabilitative care costs. With the support of an attorney, you will collect the maximum benefits under state laws. 

Dealing With the Insurance Company 

The insurance company poses several challenges to the injured worker. Primarily, the insurer may attempt to reject or limit the payable benefits in most cases. The insurance company uses technicalities, delay tactics, and negotiation skills to derail the claims process. Thus, it makes sense to rely on a professional attorney with the skills and experience of dealing with insurance companies. The workers' compensation lawyers use their expertise to overcome arising challenges and denials. Also, the attorney has the skills to negotiate for a lump-sum settlement on your behalf. If need be, the attorney can file an appeal and seek court-determined compensation if negotiations fail. 

If you wish to collect the benefits you deserve promptly, retain the services of a workers' comp lawyer. The attorney will utilize their experience and resources to protect and advance your rights for a favorable claim outcome.