Did You Get An Audit Notification From Your Filed Business Taxes? Call A Lawyer Fast

Posted on: 8 June 2016

If you filed your own taxes the first year that you started a business and you've gotten a letter because you're getting audited, you want to contact a tax attorney right away. If you were apprehensive about doing your own taxes and you worry that you may have made some errors, you want to see if you can correct the problems and stay out of legal trouble. Here is what you want to bring with you when you meet with the tax attorney in person.

All Financial Documents

You need to bring all your banking statements from the year that you filed your taxes, all of your deposit slips and receipts, and all reports from payroll or other expenses. Your lawyer may have to turn all of this information over to an accountant so they can make sure that your finances add up and to be sure that you documented spending, income and other financial aspects properly.

Tax Returns and Payments

If you used your at-home software to file the taxes, or an online service, print off the exact documents that you filed to the state and federal governments. Not only do you want this information, but also copies of any checks you sent in for payments that were cashed. If you made payments throughout the year based on income projections, bring those documents as well.

Letter and Case Number

Bring all letters that you've received to the meeting, along with the case number and any other tax letters or concerns you've gotten in the mail over the past few years. If you've spoken with the IRS or other governing bodies about your case, or if there have been requests for more documentation before the audit notification was sent out, bring that information with you as well.

Getting audited is something that happens to many small business owners, but you want to make sure that you didn't do anything that could get you in legal trouble. Your lawyer may be able to catch flaws before you get audited, which could allow you to refile to get the tax information right. It all depends on what mistakes you made, how much money you could owe, and what the audit reveals. If you've gotten a notification for an audit with your business taxes and you are concerned, call an attorney and make sure that you're covered before the IRS starts the audit. Contact a firm like The Law Offices of James O. Roberson Jr. to get started.