Head Wound-Hedron: Three Types Of Head Wounds And Facial Injuries For Which You Can Sue

Posted on: 14 September 2016

Head wounds are no laughing matter. In fact, there are three kinds of head wounds, and each one of them can have multiple levels of severity. Thus, "head wound-hedron" is an effective phrase for describing the multiple types of facial and head injuries. The majority of these injuries are often incurred during work or automobile accidents, which means you may be able to sue. Here is what a personal injury attorney might have to say about these various head wounds and injury types.

Closed Head Injury

This is quite possibly the most deceptive and most dangerous head injury of all. You could be experiencing a serious brain injury or head trauma, and not even know it because there are no outward signs of injury until it is too late. Getting hit in the head or having your head hit something really hard such as a steering column or concrete floor almost always results in a closed head injury if not an open head one. A personal injury lawyer would expect that, regardless of how you feel or think, you would automatically see a doctor in the emergency room to make sure there is no serious trauma or bleeding on your brain.

Open Head Injury

This is the type of head injury that makes everyone squeamish. Your skull gets cracked like a coconut, and there may be flaps of flesh hanging from the bones or pieces of the skull missing. In most cases, the pain is so excruciating that you pass out and even vomit. However, people with exceptionally high tolerances for pain may be able to get up after an accident and walk around with an open head injury like it is nothing, or that they are just very stunned and almost hung-over. If this ever happens to you, be sure to find/phone for help if you are able. Otherwise, remain where you are until help arrives. The police and EMTs will need to document everything they see and take witness statements after they rush you off to the hospital so that you have those documents for your personal injury lawsuit.

Skull Fracture (Open and Closed Injury)

A skull fracture that results in no outward injuries and no injuries to the brain is no less dangerous than an open or closed head injury. You will experience unbearable headaches and possibly some swelling in the fracture area too. If you do not seek immediate medical attention after your head has been fractured, any swelling that accompanies the fracture can apply pressure to your brain, which then can cause a bad closed head injury to ensue. A personal injury lawyer would tell you that any blows to the head are cause for concern, and you absolutely should see a doctor right away.