Two Reasons Why You Should Keep A Lawyer On Retainer

Posted on: 20 March 2018

If you watch a lot of television or movies, you've probably heard this phrase before: "I'm calling my attorney." So many actors and actresses say it on film that many everyday people have picked up the lingo as well. Although it's a common saying, not every person who speaks it can actually back it up. When you have a lawyer on retainer you'll be able to make this claim with full confidence. Take a look at why it's a good idea for you to think about getting a lawyer on retainer right away.

You'll Have Trusted Counsel Whenever You Need It

There are so many legal situations in life that go overlooked. If you aren't aware of the seriousness of an issue, it's so easy for you to think that you don't have a case or that you haven't been wronged in some way. The question might come to mind but you let it go because you just don't have the expertise necessary to make the right decision.

The beauty of having a lawyer on retainer is that you'll always have access to legal counsel when you need it. Whether it's an assault case where you were hurt by another person or personal financial or business matters that need some attention. You can call up your attorney and get an immediate consultation to find out which course of action is right for you.

Attorneys Know Just What To Say

If you are ever wrongfully pulled over by a police officer or slapped with a lawsuit by a neighbor who claims that they hurt themselves on your property, you might not know how to respond. Saying the wrong thing can incriminate you and add even more stress to what is already a very scary situation. 

Retaining a lawyer means that you can refer these kinds of situations directly to your legal professional. Because they represent you they have the authority to speak in your place. You won't have to worry about responding incorrectly or mistakenly giving away too much information. The lawyer will know just how to handle the situation and then relay the findings to you so you're able to rest easy.

Having an attorney on your side is an excellent way to increase your peace of mind. Once you retain a lawyer you'll begin to see just how wonderful it is to have a caring professional who is right there when you need them. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Walter Bailey Law Firm.