Disputing A Traffic Ticket: Here's How

Posted on: 8 June 2018

You may pride yourself on your clean driving record until you are given your very first moving violation or traffic ticket. These tickets can often have lasting repercussions; in addition to paying the ticket, you'll likely be issued so-called "points" that could affect your insurance costs and ultimately affect your ability to drive. Therefore, you might be eager to dispute that first ticket. If so, here's how you could do it effectively.

1-Plead Not Guilty

It may seem rather obvious to suggest that you can't plead guilty if you're trying to keep the ticket from going on your record with all the accompanying points. However, you might decide to pay the ticket fine first to avoid problems, thinking that you'll be refunded later. However, it's vital that you do not pay the fine; you must instead attend traffic court. Paying the fine is considered a plea of guilty, so look at the ticket for the court date or contact municipal court to learn when you should be in court.

2-Show Officer Error

Police officers can make mistakes just like all other citizens. It's possible that they made errors when pulling your vehicle to the side of the road or issuing your ticket. For example, if you swerved or made a move to another lane and were ticketed, it's possible that the officer misread your reasons for doing so. You may have taken action due to another driver's actions or a moving animal. Your actions could have been reasonable, and explaining as much in court could get you a dismissal.

You can also highlight possible errors due to tools used by the officer to issue your ticket. For instance, if the claim is that you were speeding, ask about speedometer calibration. If the officer must admit that their speedometer hasn't been serviced or calibrated in a while, you can make a case that it was in error about your travel speed.

3-Prove Emergency

Speeding toward a doctor or hospital is understandable in some cases. If someone was in severe physical or emotional stress and you were seeking to get them medical care, it's possible that the judge will understand and completely dismiss the ticket you were written.

Fighting any ticket is something you can do to protect your driving privileges and avoid higher insurance premiums. Talk through your situation with a moving violations attorney who can provide insight and assistance throughout the experience. Contact a law firm, like Tolbert & Tolbert, LLP, for more help.