3 Timing Issues To Be Aware Of When Settling A Car Accident Case

Posted on: 7 November 2018

Car accidents happen a lot and often leave people with minor or major injuries. When a person is injured from an accident, he or she may have the right to ask the other party for money to settle the case. If you are in this position and do not know when you should file a case against the other person, you will need to know about these three important timing issues.

Letting the Dust Settle

While there might be people who want to rush into settling a car accident case a day or two after it happens, most people do not. In fact, it is better not to settle too quickly, and you should always wait until all the dust settles from the accident. In other words, do not rush into settling right away. Instead, wait a little while. If you rush into this, you might not receive a sufficient amount of compensation, or you might agree to something you really did not mean to agree to. Therefore, let the dust settle before you begin working on settling.

Maximum Medical Improvement

A second timing-related issue to understand is one called maximum medical improvement (MMI), and this is a common term you may hear during personal injury cases. MMI is a term that lawyers use to describe the time in a person's life, after an accident, when the person is recovered from the injuries as much as he or she will ever be. The person may still have pain, injuries, lack of mobility, or other issues, but the person will not get any better than this. It's always important to wait to settle your case until you are as good as you will get, in terms of your injuries, and your lawyer can help you understand when you reach this point.

Statute of Limitations

The other important timing issue involves something called a statute of limitation. This is a rule that gives you a certain time frame to pursue compensation for injuries from an accident, and you must file a case before this time frame runs out. Your lawyer will also help you determine what this time frame is for your case.

Knowing these three timing-related issues is important as they can help guide you as to when you should file a case against a person that caused an accident that left you injured. To learn more about timing issues, contact personal injury lawyers like the ones at Arias Law Firm, P.A. today.