Do Not Rush Into Signing Divorce Documents

Posted on: 13 June 2023

Were you presented with divorce papers that you do not intend to delay signing because your marriage is over? No matter how willing you are to sign the divorce papers to officially end the marriage as soon as possible, doing so might be a big mistake. Have you actually read the divorce papers and fully understand what you are agreeing to in the settlement? Rushing to sign the documents can lead to you losing possession of various assets, a fair child custody arrangement, and many other things. Getting a divorce is a serious legal matter that should not be settled without hiring a lawyer to assist with the process. 

Understand the Legal Lingo

Upon reading the divorce documents, you can come across legal words and statements that are not easy to understand. Signing the documents without understanding the legal lingo is not wise, as misunderstanding a single statement can be regretted later. A lawyer knows all of the legal lingo that is commonly contained in divorce documents. They will explain each aspect of the documents that you should be concerned about and explain what hard-to-understand words mean. You might find that there are several things that you should contest in the documents after obtaining an expert opinion.

Fight for Your Marital Rights

The beauty of getting married is that it provides protection in the event of a divorce. For example, unless a prenuptial agreement was signed, you might be entitled to several marital assets. Even with a prenuptial agreement in place, you have rights that a lawyer can educate you about. Do not sign divorce documents and unknowingly leave the marital home, vehicles, and other assets to your spouse. A lawyer will inform you about everything that is worth fighting for in your divorce, including how to create the ideal child custody arrangement if you have children.

Keep Communication Cordial

It might seem as though agreeing to sign the divorce documents is the most ideal way to keep things cordial, but it is not. Finalizing a divorce in such a fashion might be cordial at first, but it can turn heated after the divorce is settled and you realize that you were duped. A lawyer can keep things as cordial as possible while making sure you are not deceived in any way during the divorce process. You can communicate your concerns with the other party via your lawyer and mediation.

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